Organic Bacon

Organic Bacon

Do you love organic bacon? McLean Meats has great organic meats. Find out where you can purchase our products today.

What Is Organic Bacon?

Organic bacon is bacon that comes from swine that has been raised like any other organic meat. It should be free of antibiotics and preservatives, and the animals should be raised on organic feed. With bacon, you have to consider the nitrates. Not all nitrates are created equal. A nitrate is simply a substance that is used to help cure foods.

Sodium Nitrate is commonly used in the process of curing meats. Sodium nitrate has been linked to cancer. Some nitrates are naturally occurring, including celery juice and sea salt, which can also be used in curing different meats, including bacon. If you are eating cured bacon, it cannot be nitrate-free, but it can be free of artificial nitrates. The fact is that nitrates only become carcinogenic when burned. Therefore, you keep your bacon from smoking during cooking and choose natural nitrates when possible.

What About Grass-Fed Bacon?

Cows survive by eating grass. Pigs spend their lives foraging for:

  • fruits
  • nuts
  • roots

Occasionally a pig might eat a small amount of grass, but because pigs cannot survive on grass, labeling bacon or pork as grass-fed is misleading. They are often left to forage for their food naturally, much like free-range chickens. Happy pigs will produce great tasting organic bacon. Organic farms work diligently to provide quality meat and produce with as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible while making sure the produce or the animals are happy and content. This reduces the farmer's carbon footprint and makes organic farming Eco-friendly. Less contaminated runoff from crops and animals means less pollution of waterways and groundwater.

It is important to note that bacon is a cured meat. There really is no such thing as uncured bacon. The difference is the way the pork is preserved. Cured bacon is made by adding artificial nitrates while uncured bacon is made using sea salt or celery powder or juice to achieve the same results. There are carcinogens found in bacon when they are cooked at high temperatures, whether they are cured with artificial or natural ingredients. 

What Is The Best Way To Cook Bacon?

  • The traditional pan-fried method is widely accepted as the best method to cook bacon. With this method, you can best judge its doneness as you stand over it and can cook it your favorite way, whether chewy, crispy, or any level between the two. Use medium heat, and keep the bacon moving in the pan once it starts to cook.
  • Another method of cooking bacon is in the oven. Place it in a single layer in a lipped tray and bake at 400 F for about twenty minutes or so. This is an excellent method to cook large quantities at one time.
  • Finally, you can also cook organic bacon in your microwave. Place the bacon on a paper towel and microwave it for approx. 30 to 90 seconds per slice, depending upon the desired level of doneness and the microwave’s wattage. Try McLean Meats today.


Organic Bacon
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