Our Mission Matters

McLean Meats is a small Canadian company of friends and family with a Mission, to produce clean food products that nourish the body while supporting natural, humane and sustainable farming. The business of selling deli meat comes second; passion and values comes first.

Commitment to Change

It’s difficult to demand change from an industry that’s been doing business the same way for centuries but that’s exactly what we’re doing in the meat industry. The McLean team is made up of ambassadors of change for clean food and better animal rights. McLean Meats is committed to our motto “embrace food with gratitude” and we are transparent about how our animals are treated. We are dedicated to shortening the length of time animals can be transported to slaughter, getting rid of unnecessary drugs and growth hormones, as well as banning unnecessary cages, stalls and pens. The difference starts on the farms, where every single product comes from producers who share our commitment to natural, humane and sustainable farming.

Commitment to Clean

The only things our team preserves are good times and great memories at our annual retreats. At McLean our products are truly preservative free, with no nitrites from celery extractss added, or any other altered ingredient you can’t pronounce. In addition, our deli meat and sausages do not contain any of the most common allergens like dairy, soy, MSG, gluten or mustard.

Commitment to Community

McLean Meats is proud to support local charities by donating food.

We donate to a number of food banks and other organizations like Quest Food Exchange whose mission is to redistribute quality surplus food to reduce hunger with dignity, and the Good Shepard Food Bank who provides emergency food for those in need.

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