As you stroll through the grocery store isles, you’ll find dozens of meat options to feed your family. Whether your shopping list evolves around a loved one’s food allergy, the ethical treatment of animals, or searching for an overall quality product, you only need to look for one label: McLean Meats. Here’s why we are a cut above the competition and truly care about the products we deliver to your table.

Why McLean Meats is a Cut Above the Rest

Community Based

At McLean Meats, we believe that giving back, being charitable, and donating of one’s time are the greatest gifts we can offer to help individuals, families, organizations, and communities grow and flourish. We enjoy dedicating our time to charity events that promote health and education for children, animal welfare, and the overall wellbeing of our planet.

Allergen Awareness

Around the world, the number of adults and children with food allergies is increasing, due in part to changes in the food supply, environmental contaminants, pollution, and other influences that can alter our immune systems. We’re proud to say our products and spice blends do not contain any of the most common allergens including dairy, soy, MSG, gluten, and mustard. At McLean Meats, our motto is “keep it clean and lean,” and we believe shopping for allergen-free foods should be easier. That’s why our product labels and our website clearly list ingredients and nutritional information.

Respectful to Animals

“Embrace Food with Gratitude” isn’t a slogan we take lightly. McLean Meats holds all of our farms to the highest standard of humane treatment for animals.


Our cows are pasture raised with both a grass and grain feed diet. Cattle never receive growth hormones, antibiotics, or enhancement drugs.


Our turkeys are raised in large open-air barns with windows that let in fresh air and sunlight in during warmer months. They have lots of room to roam and socialize, creating a low-stress environment and overall healthier birds. Additionally, our turkeys are never given a single drop of enhancement drugs.


Our hogs are raised in large, open barns with lots of room to roam, socialize, and bed. The barns have deep sod and straw bedding. They are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are never given antibiotics, hormones, or drugs.


All of our chickens come from a variety of farms, ranging from free run in open barns to free range. All of them have access to fresh air, natural sunlight and ample room to roam, socialize, and bed. They’re fed a natural 100% vegetarian grain fed diet and never ever given antibiotics or drugs.

Environmentally Friendly

Our philosophy is that every step counts, as long as the steps are collectively moving us forward towards a cleaner and greener planet.

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