McLean Meats in a small Canadian company of friends and family with a mission to produce clean food products that nourish the body while supporting natural, humane and sustainable farming.

We value relationships based on trust, and a life filled with purpose, love and laughter.

Our team takes pride in providing our customers with good old-fashioned customer service by being easily accessible.

Garth McLean

Garth J McLean


Cell Phone: 1 604 364 8396

Michelle J Neilson

Michelle J Neilson

Vice President/COO

Cell Phone: 1 604 364 8618

Justin McLean

Justin McLean

National Sales Executive

Cell Phone: 1 778 895 2809

Gina Lipton

Gina Lipton

Director of Sales, Eastern Canada

Cell Phone: 1 647 962 3587

Lori Dearden

Canada Sales Support

Cell Phone: 1 250 732 1347

Suzanne DiMichele

Suzanne DiMichele

Western Canada Sales Manager

Cell Phone: 1 778 865 5250

Deanna Bell

Deanna Bell

Marketing Manager

Cell Phone: 1 604 848 8849

We encourage your feedback, so please reach out anytime with questions, comments or suggestions. See below for our list of company contacts by region and area of responsibility.


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