We are blessed to be working directly with an amazing group of Canadian family farms that share in our passion for environmental stewardship, animal husbandry and sustainable farming. Each farm has a unique story of entrepreneurship, pioneering change, and a multigenerational commitment to working the land and the family business.

Yorkshire Valley Farms

Organic Turkey and Chicken

Yorkshire Valley farms was originally founded in 2010 by 2 Peterborough families. In 2011, they expanded to organic turkeys and in 2013 more products were added, such as Organic Breaded Chicken Fillets. Fast forward to today, Yorkshire Valley Farms now supports 14,000 acres of organic farmland in Ontario, with over 20 chicken farms and 5 turkey farms, all dedicated to Certified Organic and high standards in animal welfare.

The founders have left a legacy that supports local communities and regenerative organic agricultural practices that promote natural ecosystems.

Today, Yorkshire Valley Farms continues to build community and sustainability through the “Eco Scholar Award”, an annual scholarship program presented with the Guelph Ontario Conference. This annual scholarship awards 4 students with financial support in any area of study, providing they demonstrate a passion for organic agriculture practices. To apply, students are asked to submit a video of up to two minutes in length in which they express the role they hope to play in the organic regenerative movement. Questions about the scholarship can be sent to ecoscholar[at]yorkshirevalley.com.

On the sustainability front, Yorkshire Valley Farms’ business model encourages a circular economy that begins at the farm level, with farmers who create their own compost, grow organic feed crops that are used in the organic feed for Yorkshire Valley Farms, and foster an enriched, low-stress farm environment for their turkeys and chickens. This business model strives to ensure equity and stability for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

About the chickens and turkeys

Canada’s organic standards are recognized globally as some of the highest standards in the world. For example, Canadian organic farmers are not allowed to use synthetic fertilizers at all, and farms must provide a minimum square feet stocking density per animal based on the species.

The organic regulations promote best practices when it comes to humane standards for poultry and environmentally responsible feed sources. Growing organic feed crops means that the land itself has been certified, and that the seeds for each crop are non-GMO. This also means that growing, harvesting, storing and shipping is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

All Yorkshire Valley Farms organic chickens and turkeys are raised free range in open barns and with access to outdoors, weather permitting.

To learn more on the Canadian standards for Organic Poultry farming visit https://www.cog.ca/the-canadian-organic-standards/

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Bradner Farms

Organic Beef

McLean Meats’ organic beef products are made from 100% grass fed organic beef from Bradner Farms located in the British Columbia Fraser valley. Founded in 1912 by the Donaldsons, this multi-generation farm was the first organic chicken and organic feed mill in Western Canada.

With humble beginnings, the Donaldsons first venture started with growing wholesale daffodils on their 40-acre parcel in Abbotsford BC, later expanding to dairy farming. Deliveries in those days to customers were horse and buggy.

Fast forward to today, two generations are still very hands-on with the day to day operations.

The beef and chicken divisions are run by the Donaldson family’s great great granddaughter Pamela Krause from her home and ranch in Cash Creek, BC while her siblings and father run the chicken hatchery, dairy and feed mill side in on the original family farm in Abbotsford.

As a symbolic reminder of the deep Bradner Farms family roots, each spring daffodils spring up around the original farmhouse where the Donaldson’s originally lived and the logo you see today is a drawing of the original family farmhouse that also still stands today.

Pamela’s daughter picking daffodils

Pamela’s great great grant parents’ daffodil farm

Pamela loves that she is helping to continue the generational legacy, working side-by-side with her family in the daily operations, from planting and harvesting crops, to feeding and calving, or shipping to consumers.

All of this with the added bonus to raise her children on the same land her ancestors farmed over 100 years ago.

About the cattle:

Bradner Organic Grass-fed beef are bred, born and raised their entire life at the farm. Cattle grazed year-round on irrigated native bunchgrass on 150,000 acres of crown leased land, supplemented in the winter with a blend of organic hay and silage.

To learn more on the Canadian standards for Organic Beef farming visit https://www.cog.ca/the-canadian-organic-standards/

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Hayter’s Farm

No Antibiotics Turkey

McLean Meats’ bulk and select retail turkey products are made from Hayter Farms 100% vegetarian fed, antibiotic free turkeys. Founded in 1948, this third generation Ontario family farm is still very hands-on today with the same dedicated focus to animal husbandry and sustainable farming.

With regular checks on all barns throughout the day plus consistent replenishment of fresh bedding and water, animal welfare is Hayter’s number one priority. The extra pampering and attention to detail creates a stress-free environment and consequently wholesome, healthy birds.

As a leader in environmental stewardship, Hayter’s has added solar panels on their turkey barns and LED lighting throughout, plus wastewater is captured throughout the year to use for irrigating crops. In keeping with their sustainable agricultural practices Hayter’s also plants cover crops. This practice helps to keep nutrients in the soil vs nutrient loss from erosion and tiling in the off season, with the added bonus that cover crops help support the ecosystem of pollinators on the farm.

Hayter’s Farm focuses exclusively on turkeys. Each family member has their own passion for the operation, and they all have a common goal of sharing wholesome, high-quality turkey with everyone.

About the turkeys:

Hayter’s Farm is Canada’s only Federally Inspected turkey farm that 100% raises and processes on site. This poult-to-plate operation means turkeys spend their entire life on the same farm, reducing stress and environmental impacts of transportation while increasing their ability to adapt and innovate. The birds are raised free range in retractable open-sided barns with plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and clean bedding. The birds never receive hormones and are fed a blend of corn, wheat, and soybeans.

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