The McLean Meats difference starts on the farms, where every single product comes from producers who share our commitment to natural, humane and sustainable farming.

Canadian First:

We only work with select Canadian and close-proximity American farms, with priority given to Canadian suppliers.

Only the Best:

We’re very particular about where we get our meat. We do not commodity shop on the open market, where the product’s source history cannot be verified. We know each of our farms by name.


We make small batches every one to two weeks to ensure that stores are receiving a constant rotation of fresh stock.

Free Range Turkey

More On Our Farms:

McLean Meats Pork Products


Our hogs are raised in large open barns with lots of room to roam, socialize and bed. They have access to outdoors, sunlight and fresh air. The barns have deep sod and straw bedding. They are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are never given antibiotics, hormones or drugs. Most of our pork products are made from pork that is also Certified Humane.

McLean Meats Turkey Products


Our turkeys are raised free run in large open air barns with open windows that let in fresh air and sunlight in during warmer months. They have lots of room to roam and socialize, creating a low-stress environment and healthier birds. All turkeys are raised without antibiotics.

McLean Meats Chicken Products


All of our chickens come from a variety of farms ranging from free run in open barns to free range. All of them have access to fresh air, natural sunlight and ample room to roam, socialize and bed. They’re fed a 100% vegetarian grain diet and are never given antibiotics.

McLean Meats Beef Products


Our cattle are pasture raised with both a grass and grain fed diet. They never receive growth hormones, antibiotics or enhancement drugs. Our Canadian beef producer is also Certified Humane.