Ingredients you can trust

When we say “no preservatives” on our labels, we mean it. Celery extracts are a source of nitrites. We do not replace sodium nitrite with celery extracts. We are truly preservative free. In addition, our deli meats do not contain any of the most common allergens including gluten, soy and dairy. We invite you to carefully read the labels and product information for all McLean Meats products.

McLean Meats, ingredients you can trust

Around the world, the number of adults and children with food allergies is increasing, due in part to changes in the food supply, environmental contaminants, pollution and other influences that can alter our immune systems.

The most common food allergies in North America that include gluten, soy and dairy are a serious concern for shoppers because 70 per cent of processed foods on store shelves today contain some or all of these ingredients, and these allergies can be life threatening.

While consumers are generally more educated about food related allergies, avoiding these ingredients is next to impossible when buying multi-ingredient foods. That’s because most products sold in grocery stores today have too many ingredients that are artificial, chemical or simply unnecessary.

For instance, corn powders, oils and liquid sweeteners are used in most processed foods as an alternative to sugar, as a bulker or as a processing aid. Gluten and dairy are also widely used in ready to eat meals, deli meats, soups and sausages. Soy products like lecithin, modified soy protein and soy oil are also common additives in processed foods as protein bulkers or emulsifiers.

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Each recipe we use has a custom spice blend that adheres to strict food safety and allergen controls. We only purchase spice blends from companies that demonstrate accredited and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Food Security and Allergen Controls. Spice suppliers must also demonstrate that they don’t use irradiated spices.


Raw Sugar Cane

We use minimally processed raw cane sugar instead of processed white sugar, which contains more additives and is bleached white using sulphur dioxide. Cane sugar is also NON GMO vs white refined sugar commonly derived from GMO sugar beets.


Sea Salt

We use only sea salt, which contains valuable trace minerals instead of regular table salt which is processed using high heat that strips away the good minerals.

For more information on food allergies and sensitivities, we encourage you to consult your preferred health practitioner. If you or someone in your family has specific dietary restrictions and would like to inquire about our product ingredients, please contact our Vice President Michelle Neilson directly at 1-604-364-8618 or contact us.