McLeanMeats Clean & Lean Foods

McLean Clean & Lean Foods is our flagship brand inspired by the words ‘clean’ and ‘lean’ in the family name of Garth McLean, the company founder. For over 15 years this brand has inspired our core values for new product development. Products under this brand are truly preservative free with no nitrites from celery extracts, and at minimum 98% lean. Our animals never receive antibiotics or growth stimulants and are raised free run or free range. Select farms are certified humane. This line of products includes our bulk deli roasts, retail sliced deli meats that are made from lean whole muscle meat. It also includes our jerky line and lean sausages.

McLean Meats Nature's Gourmet

New to our family of products, the McLean Nature’s Gourmet brand reflects our line of Humane Certified pork sausages, pepperoni and bacon. This line is truly preservative free with no nitrites from celery extracts and animals are raised without antibiotics.

McLean Meats Organic Foods

The McLean Organic Foods brand is our growing category of retail deli meats plus a selection of easy to prepare meals for busy families on the go. This line is truly preservative free with no nitrites from celery extracts. In keeping with our goal to be allergy friendly, our Certified Organic prepared meals are gluten free. All products sold under this label are Certified Organic under CFIA and/or USDA regulations.

McLean Meats Natural Meats

Dear Valued McLean Meats Customers,

Since 2014 McLean Meats has tried to expand into the US market with a focus on California, Washington & Oregon. Unfortunately we have been unable to achieve the required sales to remain sustainable with our current product line.

In response to market demand and customer feedback we are converting our products to ORGANIC plus expanding our PALEO FRIENDLY (NO SUGAR) offerings. Our goal is to have a new and improved product line to re-launch in 2019.

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