Knowing what to buy and knowing why you buy it is like telling your child to color a picture; they can follow directions but won’t understand the importance of this artistic expression until they’re older and wiser. When purchasing products it’s important to understand what your nutritious needs are and how food brands can get you there. Here’s a breakdown of two important phrases you should search for while grocery shopping and what they mean.

Free Range, Cage Free Mean


Cage-free is as simple as it sounds. In this environment, animals are able to stretch, walk around, and socialize with each other without being confined to a cage. Another term you may hear for this setting is free run. The goal of a cage-free lifestyle is to improve their quality of life and keep the animals as stress-free as possible.


On top of all the cage-free accoutrements, free-range animals are able go outside every single day and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This added step is meant to mirror what an animal would expect if it was living in the wild but instead of fending for food they are given nutritious diets.

At McLean Meats, we’re very particular about where we get our meat. We do not commodity shop on the open market, where the product’s source history cannot be verified. Each year our manufacturing plants are audited to ensure the best food safety standards are in place and 100% traceability back to the farms.

Learn more about our farms and how we “embrace food with gratitude.”

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