You wouldn’t leave your house without your keys and unless you want to experience hunger pangs, you shouldn’t take a step out the front door without grabbing a snack. But instead of reaching for something high in carbs and sugar, there are three good reasons to grab the healthier and more filling alternative – beef or turkey jerky.

Why Beef and Turkey Jerky is the Perfect Grab-and-Go Snack


If protein is a top priority in your diet, it’s time to stock up on jerky. This meaty morsel can help you reach your daily nutrition goals without raising your level of insulin, a hormone that signals your body to store fat. Unlike most ready-to-eat snacks, the standard packet of jerky contains upwards of 10 grams of protein per serving.


Cravings can hit at any time; make sure you’re prepared. This savory snack is ideal because it’s easy to store virtually anywhere. Unlike other health food options, you don’t need a refrigerator to chill this choice until you’re ready to eat. Jerky is the ultimate grab-and-go snack because it’s easy to pack and has a longer shelf life than many natural alternatives.

What to Look For

This is not the salt-saturated snack your great-grandpa used to gnaw on; these days you can eat your jerky and have your health too. Look for companies that only use lean, hormone and antibiotic-free meat as the base of their product. If they start with wholesome meat then they shouldn’t have to coat it in unnecessary and artificial additives such as celery extracts and sodium nitrate.

McLean Meats’ jerky is made with 100% visually lean beef and 100% boneless skinless turkey thighs. Instead of the standard preservatives, we use green tea extract to cure our quality meats as well as boost the nutritional value. McLean Meats’ line of beef and turkey jerky gives you the authentic taste you love without the phony fillers and flavors.

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