We aren’t just a flock of foodies; our team is passionate about providing animals with a better life. This philosophy spans from the farm to our own furry family members. Learn more about the adopted animals that have rescued our lives.


Meet Maggie! This curly creature was born on Christmas Eve and is one of the greatest gifts our Sales Manager, Gina, has ever received. Maggie is a connoisseur of two things: the beach and balls.


Meet Tootie! This feline had a hard go on the mean streets of Toronto until she came to be fostered by Gina, who fattened her up and adopted her out to a loving forever home through Toronto Cat Rescue.Gina has fostered 10 cats so far and shows no signs of stopping.


Meet Ginger! This six-year-old Chihuahua-Pom rescue isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She reminds Vice President Michelle and her partner to be their authentic selves and to never forget the power of love and loyalty.


Meet Pepper! This Chihuahua-Papillon pooch is a five-year-old bundle of energy that was also rescued by Michelle and her partner. Since being swept off the streets, she now specializes in snuggling and sun bathing.


Meet Nanuq! He is the effervescent totality of unconditional love and living joyously in the present moment… he is the guru for our Accounting Manager, Teresa!Not to mention, he is the most faithful companion and constantly makes her laugh.


Meet Cooper! The six-month-old Yorkie always keeps President/CEO Garth on his toes. His pointy ears prove he’s always at attention and ready to play!


Meet Bronson! This 95lbs Bulldog-Mastiff thinks he’s a lap dog and isn’t afraid to cuddle up next to you. His owner, North America Supply & Logistics Manager Justin, says the 5-year-old pup reminds him to be the kind of person his dog thinks he is!

Among the many charities we support, animals have always been a priority. We donate time and money to the Humane Society of Canada, the British Columbia SPCA, Valley Animal Rescue, and Rock and Rescue on a regular basis. All of these groups share our passion for animal welfare education and awareness.

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